Listening to Adi Dassler’s newest track that just appeared on Romantica Records, a small club with a living room ambience is not the first thing that comes to mind. “Away” sounds more like a rave anthem for big dance floors, making entire halls full of people dance to its fat bass line. This is not by chance: Though all releases of Romantica Records are shaped by the spirit of Club Romantica, they are meant to be played everywhere and not only in the heart of Stuttgart.

Neither is the selection of remix artists restricted to city limits – Matchy has left a musical imprint on the most important labels of Germany’s capital. After having worked for Stil vor Talent, Katermukke and Bar25, he is now adding Romantica Records to his portfolio. His remix of “Away” is gaining momentum right from the start. It makes the originals’ synth pads disappear, and aims directly for the prime time.

Thomas Stieler’s remix use a more gentle approach that leads to a minimal variant of “Away”. Only the twinkling vocals are reminiscent of the original track, making his remix a fascinating counterpoint to Adi Dassler’s and Matchy’s versions.

Without any vocals at all but deep emotionality comes the second track of the new Romantica Records EP. The name “Melancholia” tells all about its character. Sequences of minor chords run on top of hypnotic rhythm patterns that are constantly rerouted through filters, making the long break even more thrilling.

Every release of Romantica Records naturally comes with a contribution by Jan Dalvik. His remix of “Melancholia” increases the pressure, and by adding percussive elements, Jan gives it more feeling of house.